Osteria Piga, the place to discover
Street: Via don Lorenzo Milani, 21
70044 Polignano a Mare (Ba)
Tel.: +39 080 4248751
Email: info@osteriapiga.it
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Osteria PIGA is a typical restaurant that tourists can hardly find, being not in the city center of Polignano a Mare, but it definetly deserves a drop-in!

Being a characteristic Italian osteria and not a restaurant for tourists, here you will have the chance to eat some amongst the best dishes of the area, taste the real flavours of Apulia and eat something different from the mass food.

If you go there during winter, you’ll eat in the main room, which is typical of Italian osterias, where the walls are covered with stones and wood; a nice fireplace will keep you warm. During summer, you’ll have the possibility to eat out, on a nice patio.

One of the first things you will notice, will surely be the professionailsm and cordiality of the owners and of the whole staff: the waiter/owner is a kind of “living menu” and he helps you to choose the best dish for you and the most appropriate quantity you may be able to eat, according to what you order! We liked this aspect a lot, because we find it very honest and professional.

If you are the kind of person, who does not get scared with quantities, we suggest you to get the PIGA starter, which is a selection of cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and other delicacies, that the chef prepares and change every day. If you decide to go for this starter, you’d better choose between pasta or meat. If you decide to have both, you may not be able to eat all. If you would like to follow our suggestion, we had Tagliatelle al Primitivo di Manduria, speck e funghi, which is a dish of pasta with a typical Apulian wine, speck and mushrooms: it is simply delicious and very tasty. We also had Gnocchetti PIGA con straccetti di filetto, pomodorini pachino, rucola e pecorino romano: gnocchetti is a kind of pasta made with potatoes and this dish is topped with fillet strings, tomato, arugola and sheep cheese.

After this, we really wanted to order some meat, but we were overwhelmed with food and we couldn’t go further! Luckily, the owner advised us at the beginning, so we didn’t waste our money in ordering something that we weren’t able to eat! 5 stars to the owner’s suggestion! Anyway, we heard that meat at PIGA’s is really good, so just give it a try if you have enough space in your stomach!

By the end of the day, this is a perfect restaurant, if you want to eat something different and typical,  with a very good price/quality ratio and where you can eat in a cheerful and soft environment.

Three things are to be noticed:

_they serve meat based dishes only

_they also offer a menu for celiacs

_it is closed on Wednsdays

Ristorante Antiche Mura
Street: Via Roma 11
70044 Polignano a Mare (Ba)
Tel.: +39 080 4242476
Email: fabiomalena@katamail.com
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If you want to taste the real flavors of traditional Apulian cuisine, you can not help enjoying a dinner at restaurant Antiche Mura, just a few steps away from the main entrance to the old town of Polignano a Mare.

We have to say it, and we do it immediately, that this restaurant is not meant for a cheap meal: we spent € 40,00 each but the quality of the food and the high standards of the service paid back and let us forget the amount spent.

The location is very warm and classy and the staff extremely welcoming and attentive to your needs. As soon as you sit down, they welcome you with a small appetizer, according to the availability of fresh food of the day. The menu is wide but not infinite and this is a guarantee of good quality; the selection of wines is good. We obviously suggest you a typical Apulian wine: we had a white wine from a local producer called Polvanera. The taste is light and balanced, dry but extremely fresh and pleasant at the same time, perfect for a fish dinner. Concerning the food, I think that whatever you order can leave you speechless, but unfortunately we could order just a few dishes and we’d like to share our impressions with you, so that you know what is “tested” and good!

As a starter we had the “Antiche Mura” starter and a plate of raw seafood. Trust us when we say that dishes are more than abundant, especially the “Antiche Mura” starter, which is rich of typical Apulian food like stracciatella pugliese and burrata (two kind of fresh cheese), roast seafood, muscles with potatoes and many other specialties, all going with the typical Apulian bread, which is very tasty and a little bit salty. Concerning the raw seafood plate, we can just say that there is the best selection of fresh seafood that you can imagine and you can smell the sea coming out! After that we decided to have a main course each and we chose Ciccatelli ai Frutti di Mare con Purè di Fave, which is a typical short pasta with seafood and mashed broad beans: simply delicious! The other one was Tagliolini Neri, Seppie e pane soffritto, which is a long pasta with squid ink, garnished with squids and going along with a plate of fried bread cubes, which are supposed to be added to the pasta dish, according to your will: we could never imagine that such a good dish may exist! Last but not least, we had a dessert and we decided to have something typical, obviously: Sporcamus, which is a mille-feuille with whipped cream and abundant powdered sugar on top, which inevitably makes your face white (in the Apulian dialect, sporcamus means “something that makes your face dirty”)! The second one was a kind of chocolate cupcake, proudly served on a high glass cakestand. At the end of the dinner, the owner personally offers you some chocolate and liquors.

We enjoyed this magic dinner, while the staff was always very careful and attentive to our needs: they constantly kept an eye on our table to check if we may need anything, but without being pushing or oppressive.

What we really appreciated about the restaurant and its staff, was that they always recommended for the best and not to sell us food forcedly. As a matter of facts, at the very beginning we wanted to order second dishes, too, but the owner suggested us not to do it and to order half portions for the main courses, because we couldn’t eat everything and it’s never too late to add something more. Luckily we listened his suggestions and we managed to fully enjoy the whole meal!

We definitely recommend it!

Rating: *****

Stop your hunger with Focacceria Dal Ponte
Street: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 7
70044 Polignano a Mare (Ba)
Tel.: +39 340 3786689
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If you feel hungry after one day spent on the beach, Focacceria Dal Ponte is your one stop place!

It is placed right beside Cala Porto, the most popular beach of Polignano a Mare (under the main bridge of the town) and the city gateway.

If you just pass in front of it, maybe you won’t say “Hey, what a nice place! Why don’t we stop by and eat something?”, but believe us, when we say that the guy makes one of the best focaccia pugliese and barese we’ve ever eaten! The place is quite small and when it’s overcrowded, you can’t eat inside, but you could actually bite your focaccia leant on the bridge balustrade, while looking at the amazing panorama of Cala Ponte.

If you can’t choose, because you don’t know the difference between focaccia pugliese and barese, you have to know that Focaccia Barese is made with wheat flour, while Focaccia Pugliese is a mix of wheat flour and boiled potatoes, which let it appare higher and softer. The most typical topping is with fresh tomatoes, black olives, oregano and olive oil, but Focacceria del Ponte offers you a wide selection of toppings and hot focaccias are coming out the oven almost every minute!

At Focaccia del Ponte, you can also find a selection of typical southern Italian food, like arancini, panzerotti and pucce, anyway in our opinion, this is the place where you go for a real focaccia.

If we really have to quote a con, we’d say that the place is small and hot during summer, but the delicacy is worth the “sacrifice”!

Beware: one slice leads to another, so don’t exagerate, or it will be difficult to swim after eating so many focaccias!