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Polignano a Mare is a place where, though there isn’t a really typical product, the town collects many typical products of the province of Bari. What is really excellent is food and here we list you some amongst the best products you can enjoy in the area:

Oil: it’s probably the best product the Apulian land can give us. Once you get in the area, you  can’t help seeing  the thousands olive trees spread everywhere: they produce what is considered the best olive oil in Italy. If you want to know the real taste of olive oil, just take a slice of bread, spread some oil over and enjoy the tasty flavor of green olives. Your taste buds will thank you and you will have the good smell of olives in your mouth for several minutes. You can obviously use olive oil also on meat, fish and vegetables.

Orecchiette pasta: it’s a kind of handmade pasta and it’s called this way, because each piece reminds of the shape of small ears. The most common and tasty way to eat them is with turnip greens: don’t miss this dish if you pop up in the Bari area.

Bread from Altamura: a local excellence is the Bread of Altamura, which some years ago has become a DOP product. This bread has not only an excellent taste, but also a typical form, slightly flattened and long. It’s quite a tasty kind of bread, slightly salted.

Focaccia: Focaccia is quite a common dish all over Italy, but the one you can eat in region Apulia is just unique! You can have 2 kind of focaccia: Focaccia Barese is made with wheat flour, while Focaccia Pugliese is a mix of wheat flour and boiled potatoes, which let it appare higher and softer. The most typical topping is with fresh tomatoes, black olives, oregano and olive oil

You’ll probably would like to buy something typical to bring to your friends and relatives at home. One of the nicest places in town is Oro della Terra, a small shop placed in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (the main square inside the walls of Polignano a Mare), where the owner, a very nice and polite lady, offers you a wide selection of typical food, from aromatic olive oil (mandarin and basil olive oil are excellent!), to handmade pasta and Bombetta Pugliese, the typical very spicy sauce. If you tell her it’s a present, she packs what you buy in a very nice way. She also delivers what you buy, if you don’t have enough space in your luggage. She does it for sure for national deliveries; for international parcels, you may ask her and maybe agree a delivery.

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