E’ Divino: surprise is just a few steps away from the Piazzetta
Street: Via Sella Orta 10/A
Tel.: +39 081 8378364
Email: info@edivincocapri.com
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Would you like to dine out and feel at home at the same time? In capri YOU CAN!

This restaurant is unique in every sense. First of all, the name is a play on words between “è divino” (divine) and “è di-vino ” (made of wine).

In the second place, but this is perhaps the most essential feature of the restaurant, everything develops inside a real house. Guests eat in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the living room and everything is set up exactly like a real house, furniture included! We must admit that in this case the location is more than 50% of the work!

Unfortunately we called too late to reserve the table, so we did not have the chance to eat on the bed, but they gave us a table in the internal courtyard, and it was very nice to dine out, without noises and people walking by and looking at the stars above us!

Being in Capri, the restaurant offers you dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine: though using simple ingredients, they are revisited in a creative way, obtaining delicious and tasty food. The restaurant also offers a good selection of wines.

Concerning the service, the night we ate there, they had some problems in managing so many people all together, so they were running to and fro and without a rational organization of the work. As far as we know, that was a usual behaviour, but we’ve also aknowledged that a famous Italian chef gave his support and advice to reorganize the restaurant, so that even the service could be on top as well as the food.

The price-quality ratio, considering that you are just a couple of steps away from the Piazzetta, is very good.

Unfortunately we can’t describe and recommend  you dishes, because we were there in 2012, and since Trips To Italy wasn’t born yet, we didn’t review the food. We just remember that it was good, and this is a good starting point to stop by and eat something at E’ Divino! Anyway, we do hope to go back there soon and write down our comments about the dishes!

Don’t miss it, you may regret!

Our Tip: if you want to eat in a “special” room, call some days in advance to reserve a table, or you’ll end up eating where they have available seats.