Capri linen clothes: what you need in the hottest days

Walking along the streets of Capri, your eyes will be probably attracted by pure white linen dresses, shirts and other clothes. Some will look at them thinking “yeah, it looks so fresh that I can imagine myself wearing it and feeling great relief from the hot sun of Capri, instead of sweating under this fashionable but synthetic fabric shirt”!

As a matter of fact, linen has extremely good heat shielding properties and it well absorbs humidity, so the body enjoys a great feeling of cool and comfort.

Capri has made of linen (together with sandals) a symbol of the island and along the streets you can find many shops selling lovely clothes made with linen. The most fashionable colour is, of course, white the colour of Capri and summer par excellence. Nonetheless, many other hues are available, especially in the pastel colours.

Some may think that these clothes are a little bit overpriced, especially the plain ones, but never forget that you are in Capri and second, linen is a very prestigious and longlasting fabric: being a natural fiber it is naturally durable and resitant to washes. When you buy a linen garment, you can be sure that it will last long and look good throughout its life. All the most famous designers include some linen styles, when presenting their collections.

Ladies, match a linen dress with a Capri sandal and you’ll be a step closer to the real Capri style!

Our Tip: if you’re not sure what color to buy, go for white and you’ll never be wrong. And be patient if it crumples: it’s a natural characteristic of linen and it will get plain again after ironing.

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