Capri Sandals: wear them like a movie star

The ancient art of making sandals – the essential footwear for all the peoples of the Mediterranean area – from a human need, soon became a myth in Capri.

It seems that the emperor Tiberius, who chose the island as his residence, himself wore sandals with a rigid sole and strips of leather wrapped around his ankles. Nobody could ever imagine that centuries later, those same sandals, with the necessary changes due to progress and trends, would become a symbol of the Italian craftsmanship and of Capri! At the very beginning, being so comfortable, they were used by fishermen, but over the years, the creativity of the island’s able artisans produced an unmistakable style and design, which is now famous all over the world.

In the ’50s, Capri became the meeting point of the international jet set: actors and movie stars crowded the beautiful island of Capri and took part to mundane evenings. The sandals went through a transformation, becoming a glamorous icon, beloved by stars like Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Soraya, Maria Callas, Anita Ekberg and Sophia Loren. Even today, the Capri sandals are beloved by celebrities around the world, thanks to their glamorous style, but always retaining the classic and elegant lines of the past.

Basically, the models handcrafted today are not so different from those worn in Tiberius’ day: a flat sole, with strips of leather cunningly plaited. In the last few decades, they have become more fashionable and they are enriched with shades of gold and silver, or lively colours like shocking pink or turquoise. They are usually enriched with accessorizes like pearls or stones, but the most appreciated are probably the ones with Swarovski stones, which make the sandals very bright and shiny!

Ladies, if you go to Capri, a pair of sandals is a must have! If you need a good excuse for your husbands, you can always state that Capri’s sandals offer a guarantee of exclusivity, charm and quality and that you’ll never have another chance to get a pair of this marvellous sandal….until your next trip to Capri!

Our tip: although you are in the province of Naples, where negotiating is almost an art, do not exceed with negotiation. Remember that Capri is very an exclusive island and things work in a totally different way, than in other places. So, if you wish, you can ask for a discount, but do not force the situation.


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