Ponza: Mare Nostrum Festival

At the end of August, for 3 days, in the area of Giancos in Ponza, big concerts g on stage. The concerts are played by bands that are inspired by the traditional sounds of the Mediterranean music.

The festival aims to be a story developed through music telling about folk traditions of southern Italy, that is influenced by different ethnic groups. It is an involving show, surrounded by fireworks, drums and characteristic musical instruments, ritual dances, costumes and impressive choreographies.

In 3 days Ponza sets up an overwhelming show of folk and traditional music, which is able to involve residents and tourists.

Ponza: Onde Road, the festival of visual arts

ONDE ROAD is a play on words as a result of a broken English: ONDE in Italian means waves, so its recalling the waves of the sea surrounding Ponza. On the other side it is how basically Italians pronounce the sentence On The Road, which is the chore of this festival.

ONDE ROAD is a traveling festival of music and other artistic events, which occurs during summer, directly on the streets and in the most beautiful sites of the island of Ponza.

Onde Road is conceived and directed by Antonello Aprea who has his own way, very innovative, to get closer to music. No stage: he wants the artists to meet the people in the most evocative corners and alleys of Ponza, surprising tourists while walking or while they are at the bar.

Usually, the festival starts in June and lasts until August, with events of music, dance, painting and cinema, where both emerging and famous artists can give free outburst to their imagination and art.