Il Tramonto
Street: Via Campo Inglese - Le Forna
Tel.: +39 0771 808563
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The name of the restaurant means “Sunset”; if you are wondering why, go there during sunset and you’ll discover yourself: the view you can enjoy from there, especially from the roof of the reastaurant, at dusk is simply breathless: The sun is going down behind the island of Palmarola and at some point, Palmarola becomes dark and you can see only its shape, stuck in the sky, changing colours very quickly from blue, to pink, to intense red. Nature goes all the way in this spot of land! You can experience the same natural show while eating in the restaurant, which enjoys a big window all around the portico, facing the island of Palamarola.

The sunset at Il Tramonto makes a great part of the job, yet the service and the environment of the restaurant, give their contribution to make it a really good experience. Ivan, the owner, and his staff are always nice and kind and willing to recommend the best choice for you.

Once the natural show is finished, the culinary show begins: we could see excellent raw and hot starters served to the other tables. They were spreading a good smell of sea, which is always a hint of fresheness. Yet, this time, we decided to concentrate on the main and second courses.

While waiting for pasta, the staff kindly offered us some algae croquettes. We had handmade Ravioli stuffed with grouper and dressed with dried tomatoes and olives. The other one, of course, could be but Spaghetti with Sea Urchins, a specialty from Il Tramonto. Just one word can describe this dish: delicious! Your palate is overcome by flavours and you can really taste and smell the sea!

As a second course, you may choose something from the menu, but we decided to go for the catch of the day: the owner showed us a tray full of fresh fishes and we chose directly from there to have a grey mullet and a striped bream, simply cooked in the oven in order to exalt their flavours, served with chopped potatoes. Useless to say: when fish is really fresh, it’s juicy and really tasty! All this good food was combined with an excellent wine from region Campania (don’t forget that Ponza is not so far from Campania, although it’s still region Lazio): Falanghina by Mustilli.

Since we didn’t have starters, our stomachs had still enough space for desserts! We recommend to try Coppetta Cala Feola and Crostata Cala Felci: the first one is a mousse of mascarpone cheese, strawberries and artisanal biscuits, matched with handmade strawberry jam. Crostata Cala Felci is a pastry tart, stuffed with apples and cinnamon, served hot and matched with custard ice cream and toasted almonds. What can we say? The desserts are not only very good to eat but also beautiful to see. After all…we eat with our eyes first!

Our tip: Although the quality of all the food is very high, we recommend to have some catch of the day. After all, being on an island, this is the best you can have, to fully enjoy a fish culinary experience!

Il Pescatore
Street: Strada Provinciale Le Forna
Tel.: +39 0771 808752
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Il Pescatore is a “must” if you are in Ponza, being probably one of the most characteristic for its food, location and…owner!

The restaurant is placed in Cala Feola, on a panoramic terrace, with a lovely view over the bay, especially during the sunset. Furnished in a very basic and simple way, it respects and represents the idea and atmosphere of the location where it is set, Le Forna, far from mass tourism.

As soon as we stepped in, the cordiality of Franco (the owner) and his staff, immediately let us feel very comfortable. If you are “lucky” you may also assist a pirouette of the owner, while he’s writing down your order!

The dining hall is not chaotic and the tables are not too close to each other, so you can also enjoy good privacy.

There is no a la carte menù, but the staff will verbally list the dishes. So, in order to avoid complaints while paying for the bill, we recommend you to ask for prices before you order. This way, you can consciously order what you like and enjoy your dinner till the end.

The dishes of the day are decided by the sea and this is a sign of quality and freshness, since they are cooked according to the catch of the day. From here, marvellous, tasty and fragrant dishes are created and served in an artistic way, like the grilled octopus served on a bed of fake cornmeal mush or the savoury mini-pie of spelt with octopus, squids and calamari. Since we heard very good comments about starters at Il Pescatore, we decided to have a big selection. Together with grilled octopus and the spelt mini-pie, we can also recommend the following starters:

-       Savoury mini-pie of tub gurnard with speck and curry: a daring but delicious combination of flavours from the sea and the earth
-       Ricotta cheese mousse with calamari and lemon: a weird combination of sweet and sour. It’s worth a try!
-       Potato pure with octopus, squids and calamari
-       Aubergine rolls, stuffed with tuna
-       Sauté of razor-shells: razor-shells are very difficult to find, so it’s considered a delicacy
-       Sea salad: a mix of mussles, clams, octopus, prawns and squids, chopped and served with olive oil and salt.

Pasta is tasty and typical of the local culinary tradition, like Paccheri with fish ragù and Scialatielli alla Pescatora. You can really smell and taste the flavour of the sea!

The second courses are also very tasty and juicy: we decided to go for the amberjack fillet, served with tomatoes and capers.

Last but not least, the liquor made with wild fennel is a specialty from the restaurant, sweet and palatable. Also the selection of wines is quite good, especially Greco di Tufo and Lacryma Christi, although the list is not very long.

Our tip: if you don’t have a specific preference, we recommend a selection of starters, so you can taste different flavours. Anyway, follow their suggestions, because they can recommend the best catch of the day.

La Pergola
Street: Via Banchina Nuova
Tel.: +39 0771 80458
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Restaurant La Pergola is located in the harbour area, just a few steps away from the docks and less visible compared to the other ones along the main upper road.

The restaurant is very simple and basic in its style, we may define it as rustic by a certain point of view. Yet, here you can taste savory food, cooked in a very traditional way.

Although we were not very happy with portions, we have to admit that they know how to exalt flavours: Octopus salad was just a bite, but very good; Gnocchetti with swordfish was cooked with great experience, because gnocchetti pasta was not too hard and not too soft, and the fish sauce was delicioous. Scabbard-fish cooked in wine and grilled prawns were an explosion of taste! If only quantities were a little bit bigger, would we be really satisfied.

By the end of the day, you can eat good quality fish, in an environment neither good nor bad, where the staff is polite and kind and there is a good quality/price ratio. This is probably one of the few restaurants in Ponza with basic prices. Recommended for not really demanding people.

Our tip: this place if perfect if you want to eat good quality fish and food in general, without spending too much.