Il Pescatore
Street: Strada Provinciale Le Forna
Tel.: +39 0771 808752
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Il Pescatore is a “must” if you are in Ponza, being probably one of the most characteristic for its food, location and…owner!

The restaurant is placed in Cala Feola, on a panoramic terrace, with a lovely view over the bay, especially during the sunset. Furnished in a very basic and simple way, it respects and represents the idea and atmosphere of the location where it is set, Le Forna, far from mass tourism.

As soon as we stepped in, the cordiality of Franco (the owner) and his staff, immediately let us feel very comfortable. If you are “lucky” you may also assist a pirouette of the owner, while he’s writing down your order!

The dining hall is not chaotic and the tables are not too close to each other, so you can also enjoy good privacy.

There is no a la carte menù, but the staff will verbally list the dishes. So, in order to avoid complaints while paying for the bill, we recommend you to ask for prices before you order. This way, you can consciously order what you like and enjoy your dinner till the end.

The dishes of the day are decided by the sea and this is a sign of quality and freshness, since they are cooked according to the catch of the day. From here, marvellous, tasty and fragrant dishes are created and served in an artistic way, like the grilled octopus served on a bed of fake cornmeal mush or the savoury mini-pie of spelt with octopus, squids and calamari. Since we heard very good comments about starters at Il Pescatore, we decided to have a big selection. Together with grilled octopus and the spelt mini-pie, we can also recommend the following starters:

-       Savoury mini-pie of tub gurnard with speck and curry: a daring but delicious combination of flavours from the sea and the earth
-       Ricotta cheese mousse with calamari and lemon: a weird combination of sweet and sour. It’s worth a try!
-       Potato pure with octopus, squids and calamari
-       Aubergine rolls, stuffed with tuna
-       Sauté of razor-shells: razor-shells are very difficult to find, so it’s considered a delicacy
-       Sea salad: a mix of mussles, clams, octopus, prawns and squids, chopped and served with olive oil and salt.

Pasta is tasty and typical of the local culinary tradition, like Paccheri with fish ragù and Scialatielli alla Pescatora. You can really smell and taste the flavour of the sea!

The second courses are also very tasty and juicy: we decided to go for the amberjack fillet, served with tomatoes and capers.

Last but not least, the liquor made with wild fennel is a specialty from the restaurant, sweet and palatable. Also the selection of wines is quite good, especially Greco di Tufo and Lacryma Christi, although the list is not very long.

Our tip: if you don’t have a specific preference, we recommend a selection of starters, so you can taste different flavours. Anyway, follow their suggestions, because they can recommend the best catch of the day.

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