La Pergola
Street: Via Banchina Nuova
Tel.: +39 0771 80458
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Restaurant La Pergola is located in the harbour area, just a few steps away from the docks and less visible compared to the other ones along the main upper road.

The restaurant is very simple and basic in its style, we may define it as rustic by a certain point of view. Yet, here you can taste savory food, cooked in a very traditional way.

Although we were not very happy with portions, we have to admit that they know how to exalt flavours: Octopus salad was just a bite, but very good; Gnocchetti with swordfish was cooked with great experience, because gnocchetti pasta was not too hard and not too soft, and the fish sauce was delicioous. Scabbard-fish cooked in wine and grilled prawns were an explosion of taste! If only quantities were a little bit bigger, would we be really satisfied.

By the end of the day, you can eat good quality fish, in an environment neither good nor bad, where the staff is polite and kind and there is a good quality/price ratio. This is probably one of the few restaurants in Ponza with basic prices. Recommended for not really demanding people.

Our tip: this place if perfect if you want to eat good quality fish and food in general, without spending too much.

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