Restaurant Ciò che Piace
Street: Via di San Lorentino, 12
Tel.: +39 0575 371287
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Nice restaurant, in a familiar environment; the staff is polite, though we can’t say there is a special attention to the customer and the service is fast. The quality of the food is good, you can taste typical dishes from the Tuscan tradition in a normal atmosphere, without praise or blame and with a very good price/quality ratio.

We had a typical Tuscan starter, 1 main course (pasta) and 2 second dishes (steak and beef tagliata), one bottle of wine, coffee and we totally spent € 55,00, which is quite a good price, when you eat good quality food.  Yet, we can’t say it was excellent.

In our opinion, it’s the perfect place if you want to eat good food (meat is better than pasta), in an informal environment and without spending hours waiting for a dish.

Farmacia del Cervo
Street: Via Cavour, 38
Tel.: +39 0575 20872
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Whether you stay in Arezzo for a few days or you just stop by, you can’t miss a quick stop at Farmacia del Cervo. If you can speak Italian and you understand what the word farmacia means, don’t worry, we are not recommending you to go to the doctor and get some medications, but we suggest you to have a meal by this restaurant/food store, which is placed in the building, where a pharmacy was formerly placed! It’s definitely unique the choice to keep the name of the pharmacy, rather than changing it with words related to food! The store/restaurant also keeps the old sign and some furniture from  the pharmacy, which makes the atmosphere very different.

We arrived at the restaurant quite late, actually, it was 3pm and they were closing down for the afternoon break. Yet, the owner was very understanding and polite, since he advised us that we couldn’t have a hot meal because the kitchen was already closed, but he wouldn’t let us go without eating, so he offered us to have some amongst his cold dishes selection. He truly apologized for the inconvenience and because he had not that much to offer us….there were approximately 50 cold dishes to choose amongst! He suggested us a few typical dishes in his selection and we had a seat in the nice and characteristic room upstairs, where the care for details is undeniable.

Our selection of dishes was:

Burrata with chuck ham. Burrata is a kind of semi-soft fresh cheese and, since it’s a typical product from the south of Italy, they have it sent directly from region Apulia. Chuck ham, on the other hand, is characteristic from region Tuscany and the taste is something in between ham and bacon. The combination of sweet cheese and salted ham is just superb!

- Beef with mushrooms, carrots and peas: a real delicacy, very tasty and the meat was extremely soft, though it was a cold meal.

Buffalo mozzarella roll with baked ham, served with vegetables. Extremely tasty and fresh, perfect as a summer meal, especially if you dress it with a pinch of salt and some drops of Tuscan olive oil.

We enjoyed our meal in a very cozy and friendly environment, where the whole staff made sure we could enjoy a perfect food experience, despite time was running out and we couldn’t choose amongst all their dishes. By the end of the day, if that was the quality of cold meals, we can’t imagine how hot dishes may be! We’ll definitely go there again to check!

Farmacia del  Cervo also offers you a wide selection of typical Italian products like salame, ham, cheese, sauces and so on. They also sell take-away food: formerly cooked dishes, that you can buy and eat at home.

Antica Osteria l’Agania
Street: Via Mazzini, 10
Tel.: +39 0575 295381
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We wish to report this restaurant, because supposedly it’s one of the oldest in Arezzo, where time seems to have stopped 60 years ago: for four generations Antica Osteria l’Agania have been cooking for its guests, thanks to the traditional homemade cuisine that every day gives joy to the palate of tourists and people from Arezzo. After four generations, the restaurant, with its walls covered with wood and the ancient bottles of wine covered with dust on the shelves, is still untouched and for sure, the culinary tradition stays the same.

Antica Osteria l’Agania is placed in the historic center of Arezzo, amongst the Basilica of San Francesco, Santa Maria della Pieve, the Cathedral of Arezzo, Corso Italia and Piazza Grande, made popular by Vasari.

Guests can enjoy mushrooms and truffles from the Tuscan hills, steak and fillet from Val di Chiana, pork and fowl from the Arezzo area, strictly homemade cakes, whose recipes are top secret, up to the point that if the owner is out of Arezzo, she prepares the cakes before leaving, rather than revealing the ingredients to the staff.

Here are some examples of what you could eat, if you go to Antica Osteria l’Agania:

Bruschette Miste
Sottollio Casarecci
Affettati Misti Locali
Pecorino del Casentino
Salsiccine Stagionate

Main Course:
Pappardelle con Funghi
Pici al Ragu’ di Cinghiale
Tagliolini al Ragu’ di Coniglio
Gnocchi al Ragu’ di Anatra

Second dishes:
Anatra in Forno
Coniglio in Porchetta
Fegatelli all’Aretina
Stinco di Prosciutto di Maiale
Arista in Forno
Pancetta Arrotolata
Salssiccia di maiale
Bistecca alla Fiorentina

We advise you that, if you are a nouvelle cousine lover and you like only soft and delicate flavors, this is not the place for you: flavors here are quite strong, but definitely true, because they represent the real culinary tradition of the Arezzo area, of Val Tiberina and Valdarno, an area rich of wild animals, whose meat is characterized by stronger flavors.

The wine selection is very good at Antica Osteria l’Agania: ask for the wine list and just choose what you prefer, amongst the list of Tuscan specialties.