Tenuta Castelbuono: on the road of Sagrantino
Street: Vocabolo Castellaccio, 9
Tel.: +390742361670
Email: carapace@tenutelunelli.it
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Tenuta Castelbuono is a unique vineyard in the heart of the Strada Del Sagrantino (Sagrantino Route) in Bevagna.

We are listing it in the “curiosities” session because of its structure: as a matter of fact, the current owner of the vineyard, realized that he needed to renovate the winery and he decided to do a great job: he asked artist Arnaldo Pomodoro to project and build the new winery and in 2012 a big turtle shell (as the artist himself decided to name it) appared on top of the hill. It’s the first sculputure in the world, where you can live and work; a unique work of art where art, nature and wine melt together and “communicate” each other. A kind of red arrow coming out of the soil, let you see where the Turtle Shell winery is placed, even from a distance.

At Tenuta Castelbuono, you can go for a vineyard tour and wine tasting is included in the tour. If it’s a warm and sunny day, you may conclude your winery tour in the garden, overlooking the valley and vineyards, under the shade of a gazebo, with a good glass of Sagrantino wine. What else?!

Our Tip: Don’t forget to book for the vineyard tour, because they have specific opening times and the tours are always very packed, especially during week-ends.

Mercato delle Gaite: a step back to medieval times

If you are around Bevagna in June, you definitely can’t miss the event Mercato delle Gaite, held annually in the last 10 days of June. At this time, the whole town harks back to its medieval past, reviving ancient trades and a half-forgotten atmosphere.

Everybody in town is involved in this historic recreation of the past in all its many aspects, including the making of ropes, wrought iron, textiles, paper and wax. For 10 days, the town of Bevagna is drawn back to Medieval times: the streets are covered with soil and straws, people are wearing the typical medieval custumes and they are engaged in age-old crafts. Even the quiet side streets and alleys come alive.

Traditional rivalries are rekindled in contests involving representatives from the four districts of the town, all in a festive spirit.

The fair also has an important gastronomical aspect and genuine fare is offered at inns, including dishes based on recipes from medieval times.

Cultural events also take place during the days of Mercato delle Gaite.