Tenuta Castelbuono: on the road of Sagrantino
Street: Vocabolo Castellaccio, 9
Tel.: +390742361670
Email: carapace@tenutelunelli.it
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Tenuta Castelbuono is a unique vineyard in the heart of the Strada Del Sagrantino (Sagrantino Route) in Bevagna.

We are listing it in the “curiosities” session because of its structure: as a matter of fact, the current owner of the vineyard, realized that he needed to renovate the winery and he decided to do a great job: he asked artist Arnaldo Pomodoro to project and build the new winery and in 2012 a big turtle shell (as the artist himself decided to name it) appared on top of the hill. It’s the first sculputure in the world, where you can live and work; a unique work of art where art, nature and wine melt together and “communicate” each other. A kind of red arrow coming out of the soil, let you see where the Turtle Shell winery is placed, even from a distance.

At Tenuta Castelbuono, you can go for a vineyard tour and wine tasting is included in the tour. If it’s a warm and sunny day, you may conclude your winery tour in the garden, overlooking the valley and vineyards, under the shade of a gazebo, with a good glass of Sagrantino wine. What else?!

Our Tip: Don’t forget to book for the vineyard tour, because they have specific opening times and the tours are always very packed, especially during week-ends.

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